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Amanda Peet doesn't understand why Diane Keaton doesn't do more nude scenes. Naked cartoon pics. On a personal note, I found my reaction to certain scenes interesting.

Erin Combs via Getty Images. Penis was written on December 2, He's the only one who does, by the way. Diane keaton naked somethings gotta give. All in all, it's nice to see a great actress who's willing to show a tit or two for a role. If only the movie deserved her. For that and for having the courage to show older folks in love Something's Gotta Give deserves much credit. Something's Gotta Give is that rare love story exception.

You know, like the wedding scene where Sally slaps Harry. Alphonse was written on September 13, Sylvain Gaboury via Getty Images. Maricar reyes nude pic. The movie will probably make lots of money. This is definitely an entertaining movie with several memorable scenes. But the show of skin in the comedy "Calendar Girls" — based on the true story of an unorthodox fund-raising effort for a local hospital — was all for a good cause.

How, why and whether Harry and Julian do or don't become Erica's lovers is entirely a matter of sitcom accounting, and need not concern us. Just when the love story and potentially the movie runs aground, she has Erica write a hit play about her failed relationship with Harry—the ultimate payback, and one that makes the earlier sitcom material seem less stilted in retrospect.

The one thing this movie is without is that big emotional scene. Member Login Sign in not a member? More after I see it Harry goes back to his life in New York while Erica writes a play about their affair.

There's nothing gratuitous about the nudity in "The Sessions"a moving yet lighthearted film about a middle-aged poet suffering from polio-induced paralysis who hires a sex surrogate in order to lose his virginity. The fact that it made quite a bit of money at the box-office is proof that many people agree with that sentiment and it also attests to the enduring popularity of its stars.

NBC via Getty Images. Harry's current girlfriend, Marin Amanda Peetis the daughter of Keaton's Erica—who would barely penetrate his consciousness if she and her sister Frances McDormand didn't bust in on the couple in the early stages of foreplay. Jump to comments 0. Meyers structures it as a "mature" woman's revenge fantasy. We learn that Harry and Marin have not yet actually had sex, and alas, as they circle for a landing, Harry is seized with chest pains and rushed to the hospital.

A funny and touching romantic comedy featuring two great actors, Something's Gotta Givecould have been better if only the pacing and comedy had held out throughout the movie. And that's the setup for a witty sitcom, written and directed by Nancy Meyerswho in movies like " Baby Boom " and " What Women Want ," has dealt skillfully with the sexual adventures of characters whose ages fall between those who remember where they were when John Kennedy was shot, and when John Lennon was murdered.

She has nice breasts and a delightfully naughty character in this movie. Phat black lesbian pussy. I guess because it is a much less common sight to see a younger man with an older woman than it is the other way around.

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Diane Keaton writhing on a bed and moaning with surprise as a guy goes down on her.

The Good Mother Diane Keaton Diane Keaton lying on her side having sex with a guy while he grabs her breasts through the sheet until a little girl walks in on them and stands watching until they notice her and stop surprised. And as Eric said her nude scene is a priceless movie moment. Xxx fucking videos free download. NBC via Getty Images. This kind of by-the-numbers performance truly isn't As Good as It Getsand indeed, one imagines, Something's Gotta Give this title, by the way, is utterly meaningless -- nowhere in the movie does anyone say it or refer to it as a theme.

She has strong opinions about this man whose lifestyle is so notorious, he made the cover of New York magazine as "The Escape Artist. Kevin Winter via Getty Images. It shows that love can be just as good, or perhaps even greater at an older age. Diane has four topless scenes at twelve minutes, an hour and five minutes, an hour and nineteen minutes, and two hours and twelve minutes.

Jim Spellman via Getty Images. Diane keaton naked somethings gotta give. He has a heart attack while on a weekend trip with his twenty something girlfriend. Lady gaga naked tits. However, after he goes back to New York, the story begins to lose its focus and laughs before stretching on for too long until the climax in Paris.

Everything about Something's Gotta Give can be deduced by looking at its poster -- or even by a vague passing knowledge of its stars, Keaton and Jack Nicholson.

I'm all for seeing more comedies rewarded with prizes, but compared to the other women nominated this year for Oscars, Keaton's role here seems overly lightweight. Member Login Sign in not a member? Not the lines or the physicality, but the emotion.

The Unloved, Part She takes him for a weekend to her mother's home in the Hamptons -- where, horrors, he is found raiding the refrigerator in the middle of the night by her mother Erica Diane Keaton and Aunt Zoe Frances McDormand. We don't believe or understand his relationship with Erica, and it must be said that a young man who would propose marriage to a woman 25 years his senior and fly to Paris with her, plan marriage, and yet immediately surrender her to his rival without a struggle out of good manners and breeding, it would seem has desires that are all too easily contained.

I don't care how old she is, I'll be in the seat if this is true. Share Tweet Pin Email Print. Then it ends again. From the very first moment these two actually talk to each other, it is clear that they belong together. Yet, there is no scene where one character tells off the other.

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The slippery hand-to-hand combat between Mortensen — playing a heavily tattooed Russian gangster — and two Chechen hit men inside a steamy Turkish bath made David Cronenberg's "Eastern Promises" one of the more talked-about films of the last decade.

The twist is that Dr. We learn that Harry and Marin have not yet actually had sex, and alas, as they circle for a landing, Harry is seized with chest pains and rushed to the hospital. A funny and touching romantic comedy featuring two great actors, Something's Gotta Givecould have been better if only the pacing and comedy had held out throughout the movie. Alexa von tess lesbian. They bring so much experience, knowledge and humor to their characters that the film works in ways the screenplay might not have even hoped for.

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